03 February 2009

Sent Home

Despite only having a couple of centimetres of snow yesterday morning, by lunchtime the snow was coming thick and fast. SOH and the rest of the drivers where he worked were sent home at 1.30pm as it was too dangerous out on the roads for them.

I was in a training course, and we made the decision to finish early at 4pm, as by now the snow was about 3-4 inches deep and though I didn't have far to go it was still going to be bad enough. Just after 3.30pm the message was sent round that the whole department was being sent home at 4pm.

This isn't a regular occurrence, and the last time I knew of it was back in 1980 when we had a regular blizzard, myself and another walked across the airfield, being careful to keep the wind on our left and despite our best efforts we were way off course from our target area (it's surprisingly difficult to keep on track when your visibility is nil) and we arrived in at about 10.00am just in time to get the computers up and working for the day shift.

Another lad walked in from another town, about 9 miles in all, and just as he arrived in through the main doors at 12pm, the call went out for the Uni to close down as staff safety was considered at risk; so the lad had to walk back home again... I was lucky, one of the security guards was patrolling the airfield, and gave us a lift across to the main village and from there we could walk to our respective homes.

Overnight it has frozen solid, and I think the roads will be very icy out there today, take it easy, take your time and be safe.


Hogday said...

Greetings Sage. Tres nippy ici,too. Even the mighty GS is off the road today.

But what is it that makes spraytanned Bimbo's, Nobs in suits and noveau landed gentry think that because they have a `Porch(sic) Cayenne` a BMW X5 or a
`Daihuchi Land Flattener` that they can blast along just like they did the day before, when it was dry and snow free? I kid ye not, one of the aforementioned objects, this very morning at 7.30am, drove down an urban road, was rutted with compacted icy snow, at 30+ then tried to swing round a bend. Of course it didn't, despite its AWD/4WD?Traction Control/Radar and anti-pedestrian missiles. There she then sat, shocked and bemused, as her armoured brat carrier bumped up the kerb and across the pavement whilst I did my very best at a modest 15mph to shimmy out of its way as it careered across my path? I think she may have broken a nail.

Answer us that one, Oh wise Sage!

Nicey said...


The snow is great innit for the first 12 hours then its gets to you,
Lets all get back to normal eh ....


The W.O.W. factor said...

On the news they showed a giant snowball that the crowd shoved down a hill...
and it got "out of control"! Are you tired of the weather yet?
I hate driving in snow, because of the other drivers who are so careless!
Spring IS just around the corner..despite what Ol' Phil said when he saw his shadow!
Stay safe Sage.