20 February 2009

Home again

We got home last night, too tired to do much other than say hi to the ratz, offer them a bribe just in case they thought we had abandoned them for ever and have something to eat. SOH had done all the driving home, as I could barely stay awake on the journey, and as he has to be up for work at 4am we had an early night; but trust me when that alarm went off, it was way too early.

The funeral went as funeral's do, friends and family coming and a chance to see people that you only otherwise do at weddings. The family flowers were beautiful, with a book from the children, and a gateway from the grandchildren, and the great grandchildren.

Sadly we couldn't stay for too long, as work commitments were too much in the way, so we had to come home yesterday and we will miss the scattering of the ashes; though I am sure when we are down again we will get a chance to visit the location that the family have chosen.

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Kathy G said...

It sounds like the individual lived a good long life. Glad you made it back safely.