01 February 2009

A little later

than expected and the snow has started to fall in earnest. We arrived home 29 mins ago from our regular BMW meeting in Towcester and ominous clouds were gathering in the East. No sooner had we parked the car in the car port and covered SOH's car ready for his early morning start than the blizzard began to blow.

The wind chill is massive and the temperature outside dropped from the balmy 3 deg C to just over zero deg C in just over 5 mins and now the white stuff tinges the ground. I hope we don't have too much as we have some important stuff going on at work tomorrow and it is a long trek round by leg if I can't take the car to work.

Zeltus, meanwhile, is in Sunny Spain in t-shirts and shorts enjoying a break from the Gites, though his journey down hasn't been all that good as the car suffered a catastrophic failure in an essential drive component and has been taken to Benidorm to be fixed... what you can afford least to happen, usually does when it causes most mayhem.

Have a good Sunday


Annette said...

Yes, it's started to snow here as well.
Perhaps we will be lucky enough to get snowed in tomorrow, so we can't go to work!

Anonymous said...

I don't know Zeltus, but I kind of wish I could be in Spain too right about now.

The W.O.W. factor said...

Oh Sage...I've watched some news of your snow over there and was thinking of you!! It's unusual they say! I hope you and SOH are staying cozy and warm!
...and safe on the roads!