19 June 2008

the weekend is fast approaching

And no surprises that the weather situation is going downhill fast to rain, rain and more rain... I don't suppose I can really complain as last weekend was so nice, but I had hoped to introduce SOH to the sport of Geocaching something I have looked at for a while but thought it might be a nice thing to do together.

The idea is that people have put caches of small things into containers (big and small) and you can hunt them down; no prizes for getting the most/least etc.. just the fun of exploring the local countryside.

If it is going to absolutely chuck it down then I guess we will have to do something else instead and I have no ideas at present.


Emma said...

I might know it is going to rain, we are at Bradford on Sunday and it's defintely not undercover...have a good one though..xx

Kathy G said...

I have a friend who's an experienced geocacher, and she's promised to take me when we can coordinate our schedules.