16 June 2008

Sorting out

I was sorting out some old paperwork over the weekend, yes still tidying up - we didn't have time to go through everything last week when we pulled it out of the shed.

Anyway, I came across my exam certificates and my old school reports which made great reading on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Some of the funny comments were :

XX will never progress in needlework unless she first learns to sew

Handwriting is untidy, and needs to pay attention to what is taught in class

XX has the ability to do the work but does not always show willing interest

Domestic Science
XX is a slow but enthusiastic pupil

Others were even less favourable comments.. including the ones which after half a term missed through illness said I should have tried harder duh!!

Still it was an amusing look back at my school days (best forgotten) and some thing were as accurate then as today proving I didn't get any better (or worse).

Note : I have updated the post on collective nouns if any of you are interested in the answers then click here


The Little Medic said...

HEHE. I love my old school reports.

Thanks for updating your link too :)

Kathy G said...

So, it looks like your teachers got it wrong! You've obviously made it out of school and became a productive member of society :-)