30 June 2008

Garden update

We have beans!!!

OK they are not very big, but they are the first beans that SOH and I have grown by ourselves and we are very proud of them.

The Polytunnel seems to be an ideal climate for them, though it does seem to be a bit hot occasionally it has a fair amount of shade in the afternoon and the beans have grown amazingly fast in the time they have been in. The outdoor beans are so far behind that you wouldn't believe the difference. So here is a picture to prove the point.. (Actually they are planted about 4 weeks behind, so there is every opportunity for them to blossom). The Courgettes are doing well with lovely yellow flowers enticing the bees and butterflies into the tunnel and that will be helping the beans to flourish as well.

1 comment:

Janet said...

Hmm. Now that I know beans can do ok even some shade I might try some. I have several pots of basil flourishing on the deck, and 6 tomato plants with not the first blossom.