05 June 2008

Time...a question

Time is a precious commodity, never enough hours in the day to do all the things I need to do never mind the things I want to do... the garden is growing weeds that threaten to take over from the plants I want to have growing there, and as fast as I take them out there are 100 more little blighters waiting to creep back up from underneath the soil.

The house needs to be sorted out, we have a bbq planned for the 14th June (keep your fingers crossed for good weather as I don't think I can do an indoor bbq).. and this weekend we have tickets to the Renault World Series at Silverstone which we want to go to not to mention a local farmers' market (is that apostrophe in the right place I wonder?) a whole heap of ironing and cleaning to do as well..

So my question of the day is how do I manage to get everything done (and no getting out of it, it has to be done by the 14th) and still have time to relax?

Answers please, no time and space contiunums for this blogger...


Kathy G said...

My favorite way to clean my house...the day before your event put every out of place thing in a laundry basket, put the basket in a closet, and close the door. Presto! Straightened house.

Wash the kitchen floor, and do five minutes worth of dusting and you're good to go. (Can you tell I have REALLY low standards?)

Asclepius said...

I recommend a near lethal dose of caffeine :D it seems to work for most of us in healthcare working with too much to do and too few people to help with it.

Alternatively I find the best way to tackle problems like this is by making a list of exactly what needs to be done, and not deviating from it. Focus on one task on that list at a time and do not add to it or get side tracked.

Elaine said...

Sorry, no help from me on that one al;though I do like kathy g's advice.

ps yes, the apostrophe is in the right place. :-)

Relax Max said...

Well Sage, I am an expert at relaxing, so I will gladly share. The secret is prioritizing. The word "relax" should always be put at the top of any "to-do" list. In fact, if you are a list-making person (I am not, ever since I placed the words "stop making lists" on one of my lists once) you might even go so far as to have some note pads preprinted with that word at the top, just so you don't forget your priorities.

Or you might just memorize this quote that I myself plagiarized somewhere: "Don't sweat the small stuff. Except for the FUN stuff, it is ALL small stuff." Ahem. Translation: Weeds? Mulch. Rain? Fast food and lots of beer. Apostrophes? None at all. This dumb American sez that even though there are lots of farmers there, the market itself don't belong to none of 'em.

See? Nothing left for you to do now except relax. Concentrate on that Sage. :)

dickiebo said...

I married B. Seems to work OK!!!!