17 June 2008


Today I get to go to a meeting at a nearby University for work, so not for me stuck in an office behind a computer.. instead I will probably be in a meeting room, not even a computer for company or browsing, for the best part of the day. Still I get to travel there which can't be too bad as I will get to see sunshine on the way.

Some escape the drudgery of work, some escape all together.. it seems my escape has led me straight into another 'jail'.

If the mice* would care to run another experiment on another subject, I can suggest a number of tasks I wouldn't mind doing: namely

  • sitting in the sunshine reading my book
  • riding my motorbike to the coast
  • having lunch with SOH
  • meeting up with friends to catch up

Oh well... another time perhaps.. back to the chain gang for me now.

* for those douglas Adams fans out there, this is a reference to the Earth having been run as an experiment by white mice; a nod to those labs who commonly use these as their test subjects. A nice thought but not yet proven.

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Very interesting post. Also I found your blog quite colorful and interesting.

Cheers !!