03 June 2008

A British Summer's Day

and it's raining...

Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind the rain. In fact I love the smell of rain on a warm day when the sun is out and the rain is drying fast but at the moment it is more like a cool spring day and it is drizzling a fine mist of rain across everything outside.

I know the plants like it (even need it) but at this time people don't stop to chat, or say hello in case they get wet. You can't sit outside and enjoy a cup of coffee and the newspaper while listening to the birds sing. Coats are having to hang up (or umbrella's) bringing the dampness inside and making the day seem even greyer.

Roll on the real start of Summer - surely this is enough of the joke now :0)

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Kathy G said...

Here in St. Louis Missouri (USA) we've had more than TWICE the rain we'd normally expect.

I can't get into my perennial garden at all because it's a big old mud pile back there. However, the good news is that I've not had to water any of the plants on the deck yet.