24 June 2008

The I's have it...

I got the idea for this from : http://amidlifescrises.blogspot.com/ and they gave me permission to do my own answers.. so rather than tagging others to follow suit, if you wish to do the same for your blog, be my guest.

I am : getting older and no wiser
I think : like I am still 7
I know : very little compared to some people
I want : to have an outdoor hot tub
I have : a lot to be happy about
I wish : people would stop carrying knives
I hate : violence
I miss : my parents, you never know how much you love someone until you lose them
I fear : going senile... what was I on about :-)
I feel : with my hands as well as my ears
I hear : sounds that sometimes others miss
I smell : the world outside and want to be out in the fresh air
I crave : chocolate
I search : for the perfect solution to every problem
I wonder : at the innocence of the very young
I regret : the loss of innocence
I love : SOH very much
I ache : to be free to explore the world I live in and not chained by bills
I am not : judgemental
I believe : in freedom of speech
I dance : with two left feet
I sing : like I dance only with two deaf ears
I cry : quietly at the sadness I see around me
I don't always : think about what I am saying
I fight : with pillows :-)
I write : longhand with a pencil and ramble on even when I have a word limit
I win : when I lose
I lose : when I win
I never : hold a grudge, life is too short to keep the anger going
I always : have a good sense of humour even at the blackest of times
I confuse : morals with good manners
I listen : with my eyes
I can usually be found : nose in a book
I am scared : of spiders even the small ones
I need : a purpose in life
I am happy : when I am not stressed
I imagine : life with no worries


Rae!xx said...

This is great! I can't do it now though because nearly all my answers would be the same..lol..x

Sage said...

Do what I did, copy the I's bit and delete the old entries.. leave it for a few days and then fill it out very quickly without any editing.. you will have some the same but you won't be able to recall all the previous answers.

I found it fun thing to do and quite enlightening.

Love the new name btw :-)