23 June 2008

The Great British Driver

Many a time have I (cursed) tutted over other drivers' behaviour due to their lack of common courtesy, but not this morning.

En-route to work, there is a short stretch of dual carriageway linked to two roundabouts and two large businesses sit on either side of the road; both of these businesses have a water feature and have been the obvious source for a pair of swans to mate and bring up their swanlets (yes I know they are really called cygnets but I prefer our family name for them).

Well Pa and Ma Swan decided that they needed to take their family over to the other side of the road to the alternative holiday pond and toddled towards across the edge of the road, Pa in front followed by Ma and then the Swanlets all in a line.

This is a busy bit of road and instead of being impatient, the drivers all stopped to allow the swans free passage even waiting for the smalled swanlet to stand up again (he was obviously tired half way across the first double stretch to the centre reservation). I have confidence that the crossing of the second half of the road will be equally as successful as the first and that they enjoy their holiday at the other lake.

It was refreshing to see drivers giving way to these majestic birds, as they are somewhat ungainly on their feet (unlike on water) and take their time when out for a stroll.


Annette said...

Ah, thats lovely.

Rae!xx said...

Aww what a lovely story and pleased to hear there are still some reasonable and thoughtful people left in this world...x

Rae!xx said...

It's Emma by the way don't want to confuse you with my new name..xx