03 June 2008

Book Club Choice

Our book club is moving into it's 5th year and while new members have arrived (and left) during that time it is nice that some of the originals are still with us as it feels more like a group of friends than just a book club meeting (perhaps the wine with the discussion helps). We meet every 6 weeks rather than every 4 since we started, giving people plenty of time to find and read the book.. though I will admit to not reading every book we had chosen each time.

The book this time was the Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs... I can't say I found it interesting or enjoyable as it simply didn't do it for me .. but very few of the group managed to finish it which was interesting.. and most of them skipped to the end to find out what had happened to the principal characters before skimming through the rest of the book. Not a raised voice to be heard as we discuss the plot's weaknesses and style of writing, just good humoured and obviously a nice glass of merlot to drink while we chat.

Everyone takes it in turn to bring along 3 books for the group to choose from, this time we had Anita Shreve (Light on Snow), Rose Tremain (The Colour) and Andrew O'Hagan (Be Near Me) the votes went 5 to Anita Shreve and 3 each to Rose Tremain and Andrew O'Hagan. So we will be reading Light on Snow for our next meeting which is 21 July ( as anyone will realise this is 7 weeks from the last meeting).

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