23 June 2008

the Summer Solstice - how was it for you?

Ours was very wet and very windy and didn't seem to be like summer at all... in fact it could well have been an early Autumn gale striking at the very heart of the English Summer.

I love watching the sun rise in the morning, and generally I like to be up early for the longest day, but not this time. Cold wet and generally cheerless, the wind whistled through the trees at the back of the house and all I wanted to do was to curl up on the sofa and watch the rugby, so at 8am SOH and I watched New Zealand beat England convincingly it was as though the England team was wearing concrete boots.

Ah well now that the earth has tipped back on towards the winter solstice the days after may calm down and offer us just a hint of Summer.. it would be nice, but then again it may be just another damp year.


Relax Max said...

How was it? Hot, hot, hot. And dry. Rains will begin before the month is over, however, and all will be well again.

I read you almost everyday. Thought it was time to leave a comment and prove it.

You are missed. :)

dickiebo said...

Thanks - for nothing! I tried vary hard to pretend that the All Blacks just do not exist, then.....you remind us! I'm terrified of what KrazyBlonde will say, on her return.

Nicey said...

Its all a blur ......

Yeah the AB are in a different league the England management are putting a brave face on it all, two losses, one massive drubbing and 4 players who are alledgedly in off the field activities. fecking disgrace....

Oh and Richie Mcaw is world class, bloody awesome