13 June 2008

How does my garden grow?

The beans are growing tall and have some flowers on.. they seem to like it in the polytunnel. Not quite certain whether this is good for them or not, so we have put some outside in the garden as a comparison.. but beans seem to be disposed to grow extraordinarily fast.

We planted four different varieties, Scarlet Emperor is one of them the other is a white flower and one has mixed flowers; I can't remember what the other variety is but I will get back to you on this.

The carrots seem to like it in the tunnel as well, alongside the onions which are enjoying the atmosphere; they were planted together as rumour has it that the onions will keep away the carrot fly and so far so good. We hope to thin them out a little soon or we will not get any nice sized ones for us.

We have two varieties of carrots, Autumn King and Early Nantes.. funny enough the former are growing better than the latter. The onions are white lisbon here but we have some red onions as well just because they are sweeter when cooked and make nice onion gravy.

The rest of the garden is growing well, I am pleased with the honeysuckle as I transplanted this last summer and this year it has really taken off, it seems to like its new location and is one of the scented varieties.

The flowers are coming out on the geraniums, these ones are orange in contrast to the blue of the lobelia's and will look stunning when they are both out in flower. I am hoping that the smell of the geraniums will deter the neighbour's cat, but so far no luck with this or the curry powder.

I didn't set up to have a particular theme in the garden, most of the flowers I like are in the blue range, but SOH likes Oranges and Purples so these have been added along the way. Sometimes it's nice to have a different perspective on life and it can be fun to try new things.

One flower I am delighted with is the snapdragons I planted last year, and they overwintered so the display this year is beautiful (and note they are not blue!) I planted it next to the lavenders and they are about to flower so I will harvest that later in the year for more scents/sugars/wardrobes.


Nicey said...


The pics are terrific, I really like thoses kitchen gardens and think they are ace, trouble is I am not a great fan of veggies and dont know how to do the gardening thing !!
Have a good weekend


TheCrone said...

Love love love the pics!

Tracy said...

What a gorgeous garden! I'm moving into my first house with a yard soon, so I really enjoy seeing what other people have done with their gardens.

Anonymous said...

I've known your name for quite a while via Elaine and Old Age is a Bitch. Since then of course via the totally unique Mad Max. Thank you for your visit today, and welcome to Entrecard :)

I very much miss my vegetable patch though I do have a herb garden. I envy you your space so I'll enjoy from a distance.

Elaine said...

I am so envious of your garden - and the ability to do the work in it. I have to rely on TBSITW and le chef

Kathy G said...

Your garden looks great!

I've got a couple of tomato plants in a big pot on the deck, because I didn't want to plant them in the same place as last year and was too lazy to dig another bed!

I also have some herbs on the deck. Since our house has a walk-out basement, I have to walk down a flight of stairs to get to the yard; it's easier to just step out the back door to clip some chives, basil, or oregano.

The other beds are a mish-mash of native flowers, perennials, and annuals. After our very wet spring, they're very overgrown and need to be thinned out.