16 June 2008


I hosted the committe meeting on Saturday, for the Midland Section of the BMW Club; SOH was working but was expected to join us for the bbq which was to follow. All week I had watched the weather forecasts, each one less favourable for the idea of a bbq but I have been extremely lucky in that when I have a bbq it has been dry (if not warm).

So Saturday was a frantic tidy up the dining room table and paperwork - it seems to constantly be a source of messiness as everything gets put there to deal with later. Everything was planned to the last minute and gave me an opportunity to have a relaxing coffee before the first guest arrived at 1pm.

No such luck, as the first of many arrived dead on 12pm; still never mind I had the majority of the work done in time and the last few things could be done later after the meeting. I organised the partners with a cup of coffee and the living room whicle the committee met in the dining room and after 2 hours we had wrapped up - if a meeting goes on longer than 2 hours you are probably going over old ground in my opinion.

The bbq was a first for the new grill unit, which was duly wheeled out on to the grass and lit with the obligatory burgers and sausages making their appearance. Together with Coleslaw, potato salad, fresh sald, rolls and roasted new potatoes it made a great social opportunity as it is usually me travelling to Nottingham for our meetings as the majority of the committee live up that way.

Afterwards we sat and chatted in the late afternoon sunshine while the lads fixed the airfilter on SOH's bike and the tail-light issue on my bike, and a horn wiring problem on another bike.. great idea of the girls leaving the blokes to do bikey things while we had drinks (not driving see) and munched on the goodies (doughnuts).

A good day was had by all

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