04 January 2013

Postive Thought #1

First of my many positive thoughts for this year.

One of the advantages of living here at the Edge of the World, is that even on the shortest day it was still light gone 4pm and means I get home to the boys to take them out in the daylight (even when it is raining lol).

Of course, this is backed up by the fact that the mornings are deep and gloomy until 8ish, but then when I was living in the Back of Beyond I can remember it being dark and gloomy when I was heading to work and that was about 8am ish so I generally have longer days.

The other positive factor about living here, is the temperatures, while BoB was freezing and having snow falling before christmas, here it was still mild (well it would be with all that wet falling from the sky) and I love that.

I love that in ten minutes I can be at the beach and paddling despite it being very fresh and very cold.. it is still better than having to take a day trip. Now I can make a flask of coffee or hot chocolate and go and watch the waves crash on the shore every day if I want (I don't always have the time, or so I tell myself) it doesn't cost me anything in diesel, and I can even go on the bus if I want to save even more.


Gerry Hatrić said...

I'd love to live next to the sea....

Living in Kent, the "garden of England" is lovely and all, but the sea, oh ... the sea. :)

Sage said...

@Robert, the BoB was a minimum of 3 hrs in any direction to the coast, hence my comment about a day trip although hunstanton and aldburgh are lovely places in themselves I love the roughness of the beaches down here we have perranporth and gwithian for long sandy dunes, but portreath is a small rocky cove very family oriented no large fun fairs or such just a small beach and the sea... you will have to come and visit to see for yourself xx

A. said...

I am SO going to copy your positive thoughts, it's just what I need. Apart from the paddling, that is. :)