29 January 2013

January is fast

... very fast and drawing to a close with wind and gales not to mention torrential rain... is it me or is this very strange seasonal weather.

Cornwall missed out on the majority of the snow, thankfully, though we are not out of the woods until probably into June and beyond but I think everyone is hoping for a good year weatherwise.

I noted on the local news that the Eden Project is cutting back on some jobs, shame as it is already highly priced and in order to attract more people to the location, you really need to be competitive price wise and also offer things for everyone to do and I am not sure it quite meets all of those targets for young and old alike.

I took the dogs down to the beach at Portreath on Sunday morning, made a flask of coffee but forgot to take it with me - doh! We spent the best part of an hour on the beach, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, the dogs ran in and out of the water, I couldn't quite tell if it was actually coming in or going out but we enjoyed a rummage in the tide pools and in the edges of the surf. I am still wary of letting them go in when it is slightly rough, strong swimmers they might be but you hear so many tales of dogs and people being swept out to sea by strong undercurrents.

A good game of tennis ball throwing usually does the trick, they slept the rest of the day while I caught up with housework, who knew that they had so much black hair on them (or rather not on them). I had given up trying to dry anything this week, so took the washing to the local laundrette and used their dryers, I don't own one as I think they are way too easy an option but on this occasion it was worth getting it all done, dried and folded as ironing then was at a minimum.

Next month sees me celebrate the anniversary of my freedom, from a relationship gone sour, least said. I survived the fall out, with dignity and pride intact. Knowing I did everything I could to make it work, but you can't be the only one in a relationship who does, it is a team effort and on the whole I don't think I have lost anything irreplaceable. I will be raising a glass to celebrate on the 8th February, join me if you like at 8pm with a tipple of your choice.

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Janet said...

I would love to visit the beach in winter. It's amazing it's been almost a year. So happy that you are at peace with it!!