01 January 2013

A New Chapter

... and so it begins

A chilly plunge ankle deep into the sea at Portreath with the beloved Pond Boys.... brr cold and chilly wasn't the word - instantanously my toes felt as though blast frozen and no more than appendages to my now freezing cold foot but the boys and I enjoyed the run on the beach.

I should have taken a flask of hot chocolate, but too keen to get there and only ensuring I had a pound coin for the car park I didn't take anything like that and it was too early for the ocean cafe to be open.

After you had adjusted to the icy wind, the temperature seemed a little warmer, was I acclimatising I thought.. or just too chilled to consider hypothermia? We spend an hour there, just enough to use up the car park ticket and then home to enjoy a hot chocolate in the sunshine (through the window) meanwhile the ninja cat is going beserk at having the back door opened and is busy zipping in and out as though he can't quite believe it is not raining for once.

Work tomorrow, though at a different location to my normal, I am covering Newquay OLC heaven help them but I can take plenty with me in case it isn't too busy (please).

I hope everyone had a happy, healthy New Year and not too overburdened by rich foods and chocolates

Lots of Love to you all


Jennytc said...

College open this soon after Christmas???

Sage said...

Yep, we go back tomorrow but student courses don't start until next week xx