07 January 2013

Positive Thought #2

Yesterday I went to the Eden Project, somewhere that Dad and I had planned to do when he unexpectedly didn't wake up one morning. I didn't make it for another 5 years and then it was to celebrate my 50th Birthday with the now ex. I had a couple of visits when I moved here, because events were held there by the college, but at £23.50 to get in I think it is overpriced for most pockets which is a shame. However, the ticket to get it can be made up to an annual ticket for no extra cost, yes brilliant, but not helpful if you live in Yorkshire for instance or unless you happen to come to Cornwall every weekend.

Yesterday, The Eden project, gave free access to Truro College members, just show your card and you and up to four members of your family got in free. I took along a 'Sister' and two of her children and a little 6 month old grandaughter and we had a good time. I also brought a 'local access' ticket whereby for the grand sum of £12.50 I now have two years free access to the centre and I am planning to use it regularly. It is only about 40 mins away from Tre Agan, and it will be nice to capture the changing seasons; I did take the camera yesterday but it ran out of battery power and I couldn't manage to open the cover in order to change batteries.

I did however, manage to go up the new rainforest walkway, up to the top of the rainforest biome and it is suspended on steel wires and as you walk up/down it has a wonderful wobble, just think of the millenium bridge in London before they fixed it. The views were marvellous, but my friend couldn't do it because of the baby so I tried not to spend too much time knowing I could come back at any time in the future.

Good times ahead, I will post pictures as soon as I  can download from the camera.

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A. said...

I do look forward to seeing your pictures. I used to have to visit Plymouth from time to time for work years ago and always tried to fit in a visit to the Eden Project, but I haven't been since. Those were early days so it must have changed a lot.