30 March 2012


This morning was misty, and cool, as I headed down to Penzance for my normal teaching session at the College. It is one of the perks of my job to travel around the County of Cornwall to see students or to run sessions, and although it is less than it used to be in some ways you really appreciate it more.

I had some very good news on Wednesday, it doesn't start until Sunday but at long last the College have made my role permanent so no more worrying about the end of June and the contract needing to be renewed, now all I have to do is to persuade them that a few more hours a week would make all the difference. But it made for a nice present in time for my birthday - sigh another 21st birthday... that would make ... well let's not go into just how many years experience I have of being 21 :-)

I love this cake, doesn't he look charmingly angry lol although I have just an ordinary sponge cake, not iced and won't have any candles in... there would just not be enough cake to support all those candles :-)

I also had a card from both my nephew and my aunt, my nephew JP has moved to Yorkshire and we managed to lose contact with each other until January this year.. facebook can be quite useful at times.

This afternoon, when I get home I will get an enthusiastic greeting from the Pondboys and we will enjoy a long walk and a game of ball if it not too hot before settling down to a good film this evening and a glass of wine.


Jennyta said...

Happy birthday, Sage and congratulations on your contract being made permanent. Enjoy your walk this evening with the Pond Boys, but if it's anything like up here, it will definitely not be too hot! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday and congratulations too.


Kathy G said...

Happy Birthday, and congratulations on the permanent job.