02 March 2012

The Plan

I have a plan, well sleepless nights does that to you... and I have to give my mind something to do whle the body rests..

I need to get the garden sorted this year, I have some shrubs to put in, and borders need to be properly dug. It needs a make over.

I want to get out on the bike, sadly some plans for a rally will not happen, but others are in the pipeline.

I am going to have some days out on the beach, book, dogs, picnic etc... the dunes at Gwithian are there for the asking and don't contraven the dog rules.

I want to find some crafting friends, to have an evening of wine, talk and crafts.. doesn't have to be all the same craft but just a sharing.... but first I am going to have some fun visiting various groups to see what else is on offer.

I want to decorate the bedroom, I have the liners for the new curtains which are white and purple and want to make sure that the room looks nice... but first I want to sand off the inner paint from the windows (which is dark brown) and repaint it white.. a neighbour has done it and it looks so much better.

Does this sound like the start of a plan?


Jennyta said...

It does indeed, Sage. Hope it goes well for you. :)

Dan said...

Sounds like the start of a very good plan, and possibly a very busy year ;)

If you have time, you can come do my garden too :D

Good luck!