15 March 2012

Pond Boys do Portreath

Two very kind friends, SA and J, invited the Pondboys down to Portreath yesterday afternoon for a walk and a chat. We met up at the Waterfront Inn, and together with Hamish and Fred we walked up the miners trail to Feadon Farm where we saw a couple of reindeer but they were too far away to get a picture on my phone and holding the Pondboys still would have been impossible.

We also saw a new development going up, part of a holiday home park, which was lovely and the views would be superb... only a few log cabins going up there and space between them which was nice. We were given a brochure by the salesman, and if only I had the money lol.

A slow walk down, back into Portreath and a run on the beach where the Pondboys did what they do best, having spotted water they were delighted to make use of it, rockpools, surf and even Murphy athletically clambering up one of the rocks in the bay... SA and J both took photos and I wish I had taken my camera as they were so funny, Hamish and Fred were much more reticent about the water, but still enjoyed themselves on the beach.

A lovely day, and when we had to leave the boys were quite disappointed to lose their playmates but after drying them off and having tea all I could hear was snoring during the course of the evening because they were both tired out after their running around..

Hopefully, we will get another opportunity to walk the dogs together, before the beach is closed off to them during the day but there will always be the evenings to enjoy the delights of Portreath.


sally-ann said...

It was great to see you and your beautiful Pondboys. Hamish too was exhausted after his walk and play on the beach. We're both looking forward to the next time x

Jo Anne said...

Had a lovely aftrnoon, and Fred and I fell exhausted onto the sofa when we got home. Looking forwqard to the next time.