09 March 2012

DIY Question

Since I moved in, which was almost two years ago now - May 2010, I haven't put anything up on the walls other than curtain rails which the ex and his Dad helped to do.

The reason why is that this is a timber framed house? whatever that means. All I know is that I am not supposed to just bang nails in, though have no idea why.

I want to put pictures up on the wall, to make it seem like a home, not just a house.

Can anyone please give me some advice please on doing this, they are not heavy pictures, though I do have a 3 x 4 foot mirrror that I want mounted in the stairwell to bounce the light around even more.

I love living here, and have plans to sand down the windows and repaint the insides white (they are currently dark brown and show all the dust).. so I have my work cut out for me as it will take a while to get around all of the rooms but I plan to start with the kitchen as that is my home from home.


Jennyta said...

Can't help with your question, I'm afraid, Sage but good luck with the DIY.

Bernard said...

Yes, I can help Sage. It is probable that only the internal walls are wooden framed. It is a wooden frame with plaster boards nailed to either side. It is therefore hollow inside.
B&Q, Homebase and all Ironmongers will stock special fixings for hollow walls.
You will have to drill a hole and poke the fixing through. It can then be tightened and will expand on the inside of the cavity.
Tap the walls first to see which sound hollow. Use ordinary wall-plugs on solid brick or breeze block.
Hope this helps.

Jo Anne said...

Hi, ours is a timber framed house with a brick external skin and we had the same problem when we first moved in.
The walls are plasterboard and have been absolutely fne with normal picture hooks and tacks for standard pictures.
I put up some shelves to hold so pretty heavy books and files and we used the claw type plaster board things that Bernard was talking about. The shelves are still up and the books still in place so they must be ok.
Good luck and Happy DIYing. Jo x