29 March 2012

Busy in the Sunshine

Not for me lazing around in this glorious sunshine, no... busy like a bee..

Had a check up at the Docs, blood pressure fine, Asthma Fine, Mind lost but they are busy looking for it lol. Back into Redruth town where I filled my prescription and brought a spade and fork for the garden as well as some woodstain for the windows at Tre Agan.

Then off to Asda where I brought my alter ego a birthday present of Harry Potter The Deathly Hallows Part 2... not going to wrap it up but I hope she enjoys watching it tomorrow.

Did my monthly top-up with Fuel, which should see me through the next month, if I drive carefully and fuel conscious enough... have to with prices the way they are never mind the fuel strike..

After a stop for a cold drink, I sanded down the windows with my little sanding tool, I have the urge now to sand anything and everything... I will get over it :-) and then opened the woodstain and got cracking with the sun blazing down on my back. I have completed one coat of the main doubled window from the dining room, I have the kitchen windows to do tomorrow and then the front door and living room windows over the weekend.. my problem is I have to do the upstairs ones and I am scared of ladders.. well not really scared of ladders so much as falling off them... any suggestions?

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