11 March 2012

A Saturday at Tre Agan

I knew I should have taken photos before and after... yet another fail...

Yesterday was the perfect day, up, walk the dogs, strip the beds and hoover the house... yep all of the house.. so glad it isn't such a big house lol. Put the washing on, head out to the garage and get the hover mower out... find the extension cable - can't find the safety plug nb note to self be extra careful ...

Plug it in, eventually, press the start button... nothing. hmmmm try holding in the handle and press the button.. hey presto.. and the front garden was done in no time at all. Mind you it was defnitely the shorter of the two pieces of grass.

The out the back, pick up the doggy doos.... start mowing the lawn... is it really only 11 degrees C, I am sweltering and the sweat sorry perspiration is running down my neck... this grass is much longer, in places 7-8 inches and slightly damp, so it is much harder going. I have to stop regularly and degunge the wet grass from under the machine, not to mention unload the grass cuttings into bags ready for the dustbin men.

Finally an hour and a half later, the job is done.. there are lots of cuttings still on the lawn, but I am hoping that they will rake up when it dries out a bit now the first cut has been done, or a later cut in the week will pick them up.. will have to wait and see.

The washing dried, almost, just a few bits left on radiators, and while watching the Welsh play rugby against the Italians I cracked on with the ironing... before taking the Pond boys out for their second walk of the day, heading up to the field with the balls to give them a good run.

Afterwards, a cup of tea for me, dinner for them and a nice long hot relaxing bath before tea of warm boiled egg salad with baby leaves...

A good day, a productive day and no doubt I am going to feel some muscles tomorrow.

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Annette said...

It sounds like you had a lovely day!
Well done you, I too went out did the garden,not all of it tho, to much for my poor old back, so mowed it today. It is a beautiful day today better than yesterday.
As I read this I, too, enjoyed yesterday with you, I am so glad for you cause it hasn't been easy for you has it?
Many more days like this I hope.