13 March 2012


Monday was a hard day, back at work - not too bad and even satisfying to be back to normal again.

Monday night, is college, so have to finish work early enough to walk and feed the dogs and that is where this story starts...

I feed the dogs at 4pm, let them out into the garden for 10 mins back door is open. I am putting a batch of bread into the machine and I notice Murphy looking up at the back hedge by the tree - lowest point in the garden.. go out into the garden, no sign of Jasper... call him, no answer... Murphy is still looking up at the hedge and my heart sank as I realised that Jasper who for 12 months had not done anything like that had now legged it into the great blue yonder...

I had to be at College by 5pm but that was not an option unless Jasper reappeared.

I grabbed a spare lead, walked around to the back lane, accessed via  main road.. my heart racing as I thought of all the potential hazards.. when I got there the lane was empty, I checked all the gardens at his leaping height and headed back home with a heavy heart.

Next step, ringing the dog warden to report him lost, no collar (note to self, Jasper will have to wear one in future with my number on it), and asked the neighbours to look out for him.. I was on the phone, in an endless queue listening to a voice saying someone will answer shortly, when I saw him reappear outside the front. A more frightened looking dog you have never seen. Hackles up, head down.. panting furiously.. bless him a big hug and a biscuit.. no point in shouting at him.

I did make college that night, but when I got home, Jasper was and has been since quiet and fairly subdued and even nervous in the garden. I can only surmise that a cat was on the hedge and he lept up after it only to find the drop the other side meant getting back was impossible.. however he would have had to make his way home along one of three fairly busy roads which makes me glad for his safe return..

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Jennyta said...

Glad things were OK in the end but not a pleasant experience for you or Jasper. It's just the kind of thing Paddy would do! ;)