05 March 2012

St Piran's Day

Officially today is St Piran's Day, not being truly Cornish (as in not being born here or descended from Cornish stock) means that I could choose to ignore it.. but I chose to live in Cornwall, and if you can't adopt a county and its ways and not see yourself as Cornish then I don't know what would make one.

So I am declaring myself Cornish (other than on St David's Day and when Wales are playing Rugby) and therefore will be celebrating St Piran's Day today.

Saturday was Redruth's day of celebrating, which ended up with a good game of rugby and a parade en-route. The picture on the right shows the Cornish Tartan (and I wore my Cornish tartan scarf along with my rugby top for Redruth) and I was toasty warm until half way through the match when I got colder and colder.

The 32nd Regiment of Foot paraded along with a Rifleman from Sharpe's regiment 95th Rifles and not only paraded but gave a demonstration and I was lucky enough with this picture which shows the discharge. They were using Brown Bess muskets and the bangs were very loud in the stand.

♥ Lowen dydh sen Pyran ♥

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