19 March 2012

Cooking on Gas

Yesterday was a good day, a batch of granary bread for sandwiches this week. Last week's loaf was turned into breadcrumbs, wasting nothing as this can now be used as a topping for sweet or savoury dishes like tomorrow's courgette and tomato bake with sage and garlic which I will let you know how it tastes.

When you cook for yourself, it is surprising how vegetarian I become, as it is easier to cook without meat than to buy too much for one person and waste it.. excluding the dogs from the leftovers lol.. though I do like a whole chicken as the carcass can be used to make the most delicious stock or soup.

In addition to that, I made two marble cakes, one of which is now in the freezer. This was partly to use up some old eggs but I enjoy eating cake made at home rather than shop brought and it is generally much cheaper even when you add in the time and the gas used.

While these were cooking, I put together a lasagne, half of which I had for tea last night with some garlic bread and the other half I will have before college tonight.. filled with a selection of veggies, onions, garlic and tomatoes it was lovely but would have benefited from longer cooking and would have done if Jasper hadn't bolted over the wall once more in the afternoon...

This time he was caught and with stern words ringing in his here 'get back here.. NOW' and he lept over next doors fence and back round the front.  Where I thought he was leaping over, was not in fact where he was getting over, but was helped instead by the hedge stepping and he is a very athletic dog.. who now has to go out into the garden on a long line until new arrangements are made for the bottom hedge to be increased with visible deterrents for the miscreant.. he knows he has done wrong, and later in the afternoon he was treated to a lengthy game of ball until he cried mercy which meant that the entire evening he slept away as he was too tired to leave his bed..

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Jennyta said...

Paddy used to tackle escape the other way - by digging under the fence. ;)