13 December 2009

A Victorian Christmas

The Victorian Farm made a re-appearance on the television screen in the UK last night with a special three part christmas edition and this time they have a number of additional activities on the associated website including making a victorian style christmas card, a paper mache box and the old mince pies.

So much better to be able to make presents rather than by them if you have the time. This will be the first year that I haven't managed to make mince pies, as I kept thinking I would make them in Cornwall when I had moved, thinking I would be there by October and now it is less than two weeks away it will be a bit late to make them now. But some of the other ideas I might look at including decorations.

I have already listened to a Christmas Carol, one of my favourite books at this time of year, I have it on CD and love the transition of Scrooge from grumpy old character to loving employer, friend and Uncle. I read it first when I was about 13 and usually have listened, or read it before christmas to enjoy the story and to make the season.

What do you do to make Christmas real to you?


Kath said...

I don't like Christmas, so I have to try extra hard to get in the mood. I make mulled wine and watch snowy films. One of my favourites is whichever episode of Home Alone it is, that has Brenda Fricker as the bird lady.

Fire Byrd said...

As you know I don't comment on my comments. So just wanted to pop round and say thank you for all your wonderful supportat this time. I am very grateful.
And Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without 'It's a Wonderful Life' with Jimmy Stewart. Always makes me cry, not that I need any help this year.

Alison said...

I love Victorian Farm! Plus I've been trying to get hold of a vintage copy of A Christmas Carol as I have never managed to read it.