07 December 2009


Never mind about global warming, I think carpentry skills to build an ark might come in useful any day now. I can only commiserate with those people affected by flooding as the rain is practically non-stop for the past few days and shows no signs of letting up.

Christmas shopping is a wet bedraggled experience, and shows none of the joys of the season and my bah humbug persona is taking over. With less than 19 days to go, no wonder more people than ever are shopping on-line this year.


Kath said...

Bah humbug, the internet is my High street. If I can't get it on line, I don't want it :) The days when I trawled round, tired and cold, desperately racking my brains to think what to buy people are well and truly over. I can't imagine why I did it for as long as I did!

Asclepius said...

I avoid any city centers this close to christmas, I am not a fan of crowds in a lot of cases some little old lady gets knocked over or a fight breaks out and I end up having to work.

Speaking of the flooding I was terribly upset, Cockermouth is where I go twice a year. Its a place of extreme happiness and beauty in my memory, the people there have always been so nice and polite. On a slightly more scientific note, you hear the odd complaint that the flood defenses were inadequate, but given the scale of most of the flooding there over the last several centuries they have always been prepared, this flooding was exceptional and couldnt realistically be planned for.