27 December 2009

The Hunt

I saw the Hunt yesterday, not up Carn Brae, but riding up Seleggan Smelting works which I can see from a nearby hill. While I may not always agree with the old style hunt, I do believe it is an old English tradition (and by that mean British rather than strictly English) and love to see the horses and dogs out. Back up country in the Back of Beyond I hadn't seen the hunt since the ban was introduced and it used to be a monthly event, the hounds being large in variety and nearly up to the window of the car. It was such a shame that it and they very rarely venture out any more.

Boxing day was also another event, watching Camborne RFC play a local derby match against Redruth at the Camborne ground. It was fun if not rather wet and cold, though that only happened late in the match and by then Redruth had beaten their old rivals.

We had dinner in a pub, sitting near to a coal fire so I could dry off my jacket I was wearing, drinking a pint of St Austell Tribute.. there is a lot of very positive things about living in Cornwall :-)


dickiebo said...

I agree with you completely! I used to love watching the hunt form up in our village when I was a lad.
See http://dickiebo.wordpress.com/2008/02/14/alf-owen-a-great-character/

Kath said...

They must be hunting a drag surely? as hunting with hounds is against the law? I used to drag hunt in my youth, I don't bounce so well now ha ha

Janet said...

You guys have the coolest traditions. My sister-in-law and her family are in Scotland as we speak and having a fabulous time. I made treacle tarts in an attempt to feel British. They turned out quite well.