01 December 2009

An Event and an Achievement

Kathy pointed me in the right direction to Mr Toast's Blog and the 1st Annual Christmas Tea in Aspen Colorado.

I need to be there by 3pm local time, and it wraps up at 10pm so I figured that my fairy godmother would ensure that unlike Cinderalla that I would be back in time for work tomorrow and kit me out with something absolutely magical to wear and arrange the transportation too.

She came up trumps, the fairy godmother (FG), I have a black velvet gown and warm red velvet wrap which matches the shoes. Apparently I can get concorde direct to Aspen and arrive in time even leaving after work. FG has also arranged for hair and make-up to be done on the flight so I am going to look stunningly gorgeous. I love having a FG, and am looking forward to meeting up with some blogging friends.

I have always wanted to visit Colorado, it is just a shame that I won't have any time spare to look around and see the beauty. At least I will have a fun time meeting all the blogging faces I see are attending.

Yesterday saw the end of NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month (all you had to do was write 50,000 words - simples), I had fun with this but it was incredibly hard work and not helped by me having a crisis of confidence a week in resulting in me starting again from the beginning (though I have kept my original 20,000+ words in case I want to revisit it. I tried to do as much as I could daily but even though the daily target was 1666 when it was hard to even think of 50 words to add to a story it was difficult enough. I took a week offline (except for blogging) to concentrate on what I had and my final tally stood at 56,211. I could have had more but I edited a lot of rubbish out in the end and felt it didn't matter as long as it was over the 50,000.

Time to put the writing tools away for a short while, think about other more pressing things..


...mmm... said...

Well, dear Sage, how lovely of you to come! I look forward to meeting someone from back home. With the wonders of virtual travel I hear you can still take the concorde --it only goes to Aspen now. Makes sense, onoy the stars live Goldie Hawn who lives up here can afford it! We'll have you back in no time. Do look up Alan Bennet as he'll be on the flight as well. Do give my sincere hellos to Kathy if she doesn't make it up here.

I'm adding you to my co-promoters side bar list who also did write ups on the tea.

Do tell us what you'll wear when you arrive so we can all be sure to recognize you and formally introduce ourselves!

Kathy G said...

SO looking forward to seeing you!

Kass said...

Bravo on writing the 50,000.. Iv been wanting to for years no.. next year is my aim- wish they could make it in Feb or March -not Thanksgiving month!!

Baino said...

G'day over from Le Toast. Can I ask a question? What happens to the stuff you writ for Nanopromoblomo whatever . . is it published somewhere. I know so many people who participated but can't find their stories.

...mmm... said...

Baino has a good q there. do tell!

Well, Sage, thank you again for coming and for visiting othehrs. What fun. I'm so glad you came.