02 December 2009

Swine Flu

I get my injection for swine flu today, hopefully this will stop me picking up this awful bug but you never really know. Friends in Cornwall have one son ill with it, and potentially their second son has it but we are keeping our fingers crossed that they recover soon.

Since my return from Cornwall at the beginning of October with a heavy cold, I have had no end of sinus problems and finally the docs have decided that perhaps a course of amoxycillin is in order to try and clear it up.

I had tried :

Steam baths
Steroid nasal spray
Reducing milk intake

Was there something else I could have done?

ps - grateful thanks for the grand annual christmas tea held in Aspen, I had a lovely time and arrived back in time thanks to my Fairy Godmother for her help and assistance.


GooseBreeder said...

Tried Olive Leaf Extract in water,it knocks anything viral?

...mmm... said...

Well, I am glad to hear you made it back safe adn soudnbs. You were a delight to come adn for pushing back "jet lag" whislt visiting.

BTw, all 3 of my kids had swine flu and all recovered after on e week-thank God! not as bad as one might expect for most kids but yes, some do get worse.