15 December 2009

S'no fun

Having seen the weather forecast for tonight into tomorrow, and having just got in from outside in the bitterly cold weather I foretell a dusting of the fairy dust that is the winter fairytale of a white christmas.

I hope so as it is so fun for kids to see snow on christmas day and it doesn't happen very often in this country or even in the back of beyondshire. Even at the Edge of the World it doesn't happen very often, the winds blowing off the atlantic are wamer so it can be wet but very rarely cold. This year is different the winds are blowing in off the Scandinavian Eastlands and bringing bitterly cold winds which mixed with the moist air will lead to snow showers, how much remains to be seen but it is certainly a christmas wish for me.


Kath said...

At this time of year I'm glad we no longer live in Rutland. The icy winds straight off The Wash, would hit our cottage so hard, I struggled to pull the front door closed! Funny enough, that was in a terrace called Railway Cottages.

Kippers Dickie said...

Ah, Rutland. As a lad I had a England and Wales county jig-saw. Poor little Rutland was so small it was not a piece in its own right. It was tacked onto one of the larger adjoining counties. I can't remember which at the moment.
My word.....doesn't young Kath get about? What's that they say about a
"Rolling Stone gathers no Moss"?

Kath said...

Twas probably Leicestershire Bernard. I don't know about gathering moss, I've gathered a few LBs over the years :D

Fire Byrd said...

You'd better make the most of it then if it snows as, there won't be snow in cornwall this Christmas.... beginning to sound like a bad version of a Christmas song here.