16 December 2009

Time to say my goodbyes

I have but a few days left here, and today is the start of the long farewell. I might not see some of these poeple again as visits will be intermittent in the future. Some will be harder than others, but there are many methods of communication, and I am certain to keep in contact via facebook with some, with phone calls and emails for others and some by letter.

I am savouring the memories, and at the same time I am looking forward to the new start. Leaving the problems I have encountered over the past 6 months here though not forgotten nor fully dealt with and I will be talking over these with people to see whether it is worth pursuing further action.

On a happier note, Kalem Murphy entered the world yesterday weighing in at over 9lbs (ouch) congratulations to Kathryn; hope you recover quickly and enjoy your new son.


Kathy G said...

You're right in that it's easier to keep in touch with people than ever before.

Fire Byrd said...

I'm envious of your fresh start. I just hope I won't be too far behind you!

Sorrow said...

enjoy lady, and be blessed in all your new beginnings!