14 December 2009

Visiting Sunday

I visited friends in Derby yesterday, to take up christmas presents, and to say farewell to them. Not goodbye as we will be meeting up in the future when the house is settled and I am finally down in Cornwall. It was fun to meet up with them and catch up with the news.

Even better was being able to go out in her car, she is competent enough to drive with L-Plates on and other than a few nervous moments she did extremely well and I don't think it will be too long before she will need to tear up those L-Plates for good.

The drive back was full of muppets on the motorway, why is it that everyone (well mostly everyone) drives in the overtaking lanes, leaving the normal driving lane practically empty in places other than the occasional lorry. When I needed to venture out into the overtaking lanes, to overtake a slower moving lorry, I was then promptly flashed by a car speeding up behind me, wanting me out of her way. My answer, was to move out again into the outside lane and put a bit of distance between us; it was a needless, agressive move on her part and I don't do it to others as it is a form of bullying. Suggest to the lady in the Ford Ka if you ever read this, please read your highway code!!

Tonight I defrosted the chest freezer in the shed, it will then be left empty and save on electricity as well which is a bonus.

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Kathy G said...

I also hate it when people speed in the passing lane (what we call it in the States) on the highway. If someone comes up on me aggressively when I'm using the lane for its intended purpose I make sure I slow down TO THE POSTED SPEED LIMIT. Not one mile over. Drives them crazy!