11 December 2009

The raggle taggle gypsy oh

I am about to up sticks and remove myself to Cornwall, and therefore have now handed in my notice to the University at the back of beyond and will be in Cornwall from 2010. A brand new year and a brand new start.

Thanks to all of you who offered words of encouragement and support, it hasn't been an easy decision and not everything is yet in place but it is where I want to be and even though it is going to be tough financially it will be beneficial in the longer term.

Somehow today seems a little lighter, I feel less weighed down by the situation and even have a big smile on my face.. what could be more beneficial.


Joanne said...

FANTASTIC - I am so thrilled for you, and I'm sure the weather will be kind next summer, and allow lots of BBQ's and picnics on the beach. I feel a bloggers gathering/picnic plan forming in my brain already LOL xx

Kath said...

Recently my Blog friend Zuzana wrote "Change is the only constant in life. If I have learned anything at all from my past experiences, it is that not all changes that feel good, turn out good in the long run. Similarly, not all changes that feel bad to begin with, turn out bad eventually. But, they are all inevitable and essential. We have to learn to accept the uncertainty that is connected to any changes we make. To alter our lives is at times a leap of faith and takes often a lot of effort and conviction, but it certainly brings our life into motion and makes us aware of new, exciting opportunities. It keeps our present dynamic and moves us relentlessly forward.

I rather take the wrong turns on the road of life, then remain standing still, missing out on the magic just behind the next bend. After all, I am a firm believer in one single fact; "The best is always yet to come..."

Janet said...

I find it fascinating that we both live "back of beyond" and yet have Universities. Well, we have a community college, but still. I just read a lovely book set in Cornwall and I want to go live there myself.