31 December 2009

The end of an era

Today is officially my last day of employment with the University at the back of beyond; one of the advantages of a job in HE is the hols and I gave enjoyed having a long holiday to recuperate after getting a sinus infection. Still it was nice to sit on the seafront at Portrearh yesterday, hot chocolate in hand, watching the surfers in the sea and I am looking forward to having a go later next year.

This is also the end of the first decade of this century, if you take 2000 as year 1, and it is a good time for a fresh start leaving all the problems behind where they belong. No bad thing, remember the good things that have happened and leave the bad things behind and use the new year as a new beginnning.

I have some work lined up, and am looking forward to neing the new girl on the block. I brought a large diary to use for work details and feel as excited as I remember I was when starting a new year at school, just thankfully no homework.

I dont make many new year resolutions, but this year I am making an exception. Mine is Carpe Diem or sieze the day and moment.

Hpw about you?


Kippers Dickie said...

I don't do new year resolutions either Sage. I just popped in to wish you all the best in 2010 and hope every goes your way. I admire your courage in making this move to Cornwall, and wish you the best of Luck.
Cheers......Bernard xx

dickiebo said...

My New Year's Resolution is.....not to have one!
All the very best for what is going to be a very new New Year!

Hogday said...

"Seize the Carp" sounds good to me Sage. HNY2U

Lakeland Jo said...

I think Carpe Diem is a motto for life... all the best in the New Year

A. said...

Wishing you the very best for 2010!

Alison said...

I don't do resolutions, but do wish everyone else a happy new year!

...mmm... said...

Hey, I have a sinus infection now too! Ugh. Rather painful in my ear in fact. Anyway, Sage, I did wan tto thank you for your commetns here adn there adn to wish you a very happy new year!!

Relax Max said...

Learning to surf sounds like a resolution to me. Go for it. :)

Happy Carpeing.

Janet said...

I'm having a hard time getting past the people SURFING on DECEMBER 31!
Last year I resolved to finish all the unfinished projects I had around the house. Got about half of them done. (This doesn't count the new ones I started.) So I guess I'll do that one again and try to do a bit better with it.
I do want to exercise more, simply because I think it will help me feel better.
But you know, Carpe Diem may be the best idea after all.