21 December 2009

Some good news

I have got some work to go to on 4th Jan, only a temporary contract for a few months but better than nothing and will continue to pay the bills until the house is sold. I am looking forward to being the new girl on the block, just wished 'i had remembered to bring my lunchbox with me. Still I did remember to bring the plastic containers.

Gus and Barnie have settled in to their new home with Raz, Gus was happy to be held and has quickly settled down, Barnie is more nervous but I think will love it and I feel confident at leaving them with Raz who has another 20+ rats and is wonderful at handling them. I haave to think of their welfare not mine and the are only 30 odd miles away so I can visit them and have some rat time.

Still sorting things out, need some plastic containers for storage, no matter how many you think you need, you will always need more. I'm sure there is a scientific name for this but for the moment I am calling it Sage's rule lol


Joanne said...

Well done, great news x

Kath said...

I'm sure it will all be worth it to be starting this new and exciting phase of your life! Kath

Rach said...

Well done Sage, I am really pleased for you and who knows Temp can become permanent..xx

Hogday said...

Bon arrive!