03 August 2009

Bathroom Decorating

My tired old bathroom is being revamped, the wallpaper removed (tiling on a roll eurgggh) and the turquoise paint underneath being painted in white shiny paint, the tiles cleaned and probably painted, the seal round the bath replaced and a nice new shower curtain hung.. it looks nicer than before.

I guess I could have gone for something a little more radical..

You know those street artists, with their chalk murals... how about something like this?

Sorry I don't know where it came from, only that a friend of mine sent it to me by email and I thought it was so good it deserved a blog post.

It would work best if you were in a tower block rather than in a house but even so it is so funny to look at and see all the painted detail even the waste pipes have been put in...

Whoever this is, well done, you made my week...

1 comment:

Janet said...

That is an amazing picture. For a moment I thought it was your actual bathroom.