16 August 2009


I had a viewing yesterday, on the house, now while I am happy for people to be shown around when I am not here I feel at a disadvantage when I am around as I feel they can't be honest when they see something they hate and no one person's taste is necessarily like anothers.

Still they were a very nice couple, and I got on with some weeding while they viewed the house, they had a couple of questions which I answered the best I could and when they left I waved goodbye with no idea of how good or bad it went.

Instead I finished baking the cake, how devious is that to put something nice into the oven while they were here to make it more attractive (and boy does my kitchen need help as it has no natural daylight). Then I started the gloss work in the living room which took me until nearly 5.45pm, tricky to do as you have to be careful not to pain over the carpet or on the walls already decorated.

At 4.45pm the phone rang, interrupting my painting, the estate agent rang to ask if I wouldn't mind showing them around the property for a second visit today, along with family and that they had already put an offer in.... and near enough to the asking price to make my heart sing with joy.

Funny thing was, at no point in time have I felt sad about selling up and leaving here despite it being a large part of my life since 1974 when my parents first purchased the house... that told me something.. yes I will probably shed a few tears on the final day, but my life is elsewhere and I think I have already moved on emotionally.

Cornwall.... hopefully soon... here I come

ps Keep your fingers crossed for a good second visit


Kathy G said...

Congratulations on receiving an offer so quickly. It's a testament to all the hard work you've done the past few weeks.

sally-ann said...

We're all keeping our fingers crossed here in Cornwall. I'm sure it won't be long and you'll be sending out New Address cards! Well done x

Joanne said...

Well done and fingers crossed for smooth sale and house move x

Joanne said...

Well done and fingers crossed for smooth sale and house move x