09 August 2009


Thanks to Dickiebo for this kind award, it is always nice to receive awards and recognition even for the smallest things and I still remember when I found Dickiebo's blog it made me smile from Day 1 and still does.

Also thanks to Hadriana's Treasures, who is having a bit of a tough time at the moment was kind enough to make me this award (along with a few other followers) and pass me 4 others... I hope things pick up for you on the personal and business front. Hadriana has just qualified as a Guide at Vindolanda. I have enjoyed a couple of visits to Hadrian's Wall and Vindolanda is impressive. One of my ambitions is to walk the length of Hadrian's Wall, not sure when it will happen but it will eventually.

The viewing on the house went well on Friday, he wants to make a second visit along with a friend... so keep your fingers crossed for me as the sooner I sell the sooner I can move to Cornwall. I decided to pay the Estate agent up front for the sale, so handed over 999 pounds yesterday, includes the HIP and all costs nothing more to pay. I did consider the alternative of paying on the sale end but it would have cost at least twice as much, it is still a gamble but they are seemingly doing a good job so far.


dickiebo said...

If this doesn't put a grand on your house then you can send it back. OK?

Kippers Dickie said...

It'll only put "a grand" on your house if it's..... round, blue and stuck on the wall outside saying "Dickiebo lived here"!!!

dickiebo said...

Ha, ha! That'd be like a homing beacon for a scud, methinks! lol.

Janet said...

That sounds good - keeping fingers crossed!