05 August 2009

Its always nice

Its a good feeling and nice when things get their MOT done and they get through it with no work needed.. Max my beloved motorbike had his 3rd MOT today (was it really 6 years ago that I purchased him - the time has gone by so quickly) and he got through with flying colours...

I am now free of car/bike hassle until January when Tax becomes due on the car, and then April when the MOT is due on that but I am hoping after paying for all the work last time that I wouldn't need to do too much more.

Of course this time last year, I was looking forward to a long and challenging ride down to the South of France, this year I might be going to Suffolk to the National Rally instead... oh how the mighty have fallen actually I have plans that might include a holiday in the sun but it does require the house to be sold and if there are enough pennies in the pot then I am going to have a break and am considering Cyprus... should still be warm enough in Oct/Nov time shouldn't it?

Any other suggestions welcomed... I want a beach, soft and sandy, don't mind if it is quiet as long as there is a bar to have a drink at, don't mind self-catering but happy to do full board or even half-board.


dickiebo said...

D'you want company? lol.

Janet said...

I unfortunately have no firsthand knowledge of beaches in your neck of the woods. (I'd like to correct that someday.)
However, if you'd like to travel abroad, South Carolina beaches are still nice and warm and cheap in the fall.

Anonymous said...

If you want to go somewhere closer to home this year Bournemouth/Pool/Southbourne have absolutely lovely sandy beaches :o)