14 August 2009

Poets Day

Poets Day or Push off Early Tomorrow's Saturday is an attitude, a state of mind, a lifestyle. It's about taking the time. It's about quality of life. Take things a little less seriously, have a little more fun. Be in control.

Do something different on a Friday. Get out of the office. Refresh your head. Relieve the stress, get back your creativity. Meet people you've never met before. Share ideas. Relax. Tell your boss it'll make you more productive. Mention work-life balance. Then head for the pub.

If you can't then commiserations you are in the rat race good and proper and taking home an honest, if not always enough, wage. The economy is in enough gloom, the country is almost bankrupt and if Gordon borrows any more money to pay back Peter, or lend it to Paul we will get sold off to the highest bidder... better start learning French people...lol just kidding.

Have a good weekend, I am carrying on the task of painting and decorating... and I have two viewings, one tomorrow and one on Monday... so need to keep the place clean and tidy in between times... I know how her Madge feels now letting joe public tramp thru Buckingham Palace; still all we be ok as long as you don't open the cupboards :-)

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Asclepius said...

What ho! I have returned!! how goes it?