17 August 2009

463rd Post.... The balloons are up!

And what a good one it is, the second visit went very well the buyers parents also liked the place and we had a good chat over things they stayed for about an hour taking a look around and talking over what they could do to improve the house but the resounding result is that barring all the paperwork it is a done deal..

I will be leaving the back of beyond to go down SouthWest by the end of September (this is obviously the initial date and dependant on other factors such as no obvious problems with the survey and the landsearch..

The new owners have passed their details on to me, as I have with them and I have said if they have any questions, or want to measure up windows etc they are more than welcome to call me and arrange a time.

Just need to appoint a solicitor, I have a choice of going with a building society appointed one or a local one I have used before so I am just waiting to hear back from Nationwide advisor who I met in June to see what she says before confirming with the Estate Agents.

So my next problem, I am leaving the Back of Beyond which has been a firm favourite of mine and how I met Janet of 32-akre wood, and heading down to mining territory in Cornwall which quite clearly is not at the Back of Beyond so any suggestions as to the location naming I should go for?

I look forward to many and varied suggestions and thank you everyone for your support and encouragement, and boy have I needed it on occasion when all seemed gloom and despondancy.


A. said...

Wow! What a result! And so very quickly.

dickiebo said...

I'm afraid Cornwall is far, far too windy for me!

Joanne said...

From back of beyond to middle of somewhere.... well done - Redruth Good - Camborne not so good LOL