02 August 2009

Tile Paint

I will upload the photographs from before and after, but painting the kitchen tiles in white gloss tile paint was definitely a stroke of genius. A friend a few years back had mentioned painting tiles rather than replacing them which was the first I had heard of doing it. When I was thinking about tarting up the house ready for sale, I knew I had to do something about the tiles in the kitchen as they looked old. tired and dull.

One tin costs 19 pounds, but covers 6 square metres, and I opted for a one coat rather than paint primer then topcoat which was slightly more expensive paint but took less time to do the job.

The only problem I had with the paint was the smell, not unpleasant but you do want to work in a well ventilated space if you suffer from asthma or other chest complaints. I admit to doing the kitchen in three parts as I limited my exposure to the paint and also meant I could finish other jobs as well.

I am actually beginning to like the DIY aspects of this tarting up process and hope that I will get a chance to utlise my skills no matter where I end up as I have enjoyed the challenge of doing things that before were Dad's domain though I think my gloss work on the doors meet anything he had done before.


Dark Side said...

It's very rewarding when you see the results isn't it, might take the gloss on tiles for myself when I do the kitchen, seeing as the decorator and Mum have a bet going that that will be the next room I do..xx

Joanne said...

My sister in law painted her bathroom tiles a few years ago, and used a contrasting colour for the grout paint pens (yes there is such a tghing honest) and it looked fantastic. It's great to cross another job off the list isn't it - you'll be down here before you know it x

Kippers Dickie said...

B&Q said it almost sold out of barbecues by the end of June, but that customers had "retreated indoors" during July, prompting a 19 per cent increase in sales of paint and wallpaper. (Wise Herb maybe?)

Found on my blog this morning.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good... I am in the process of preparing the house for the decorator here... am doing much of the preparation myself, wallpaper removing, plastering, tile removing and lots of paint stripping, we're talking about 6 layers of paint off the pipes!!! I figured I would do it myself to keep the budget low and then the decorator could do the papering and painting for me! :)