24 August 2009

Hectic Weekend..

Hit the first hitch of selling the house... least said about that the better but the estate agents are working hard on progressing the sale and hopefully longer term all will be well..

I have a stack of paper an inch thick to complete, some of which I have no idea of what the answers are.. oh well I can but try my best.

This weekend I will be hoping to visit three or four properties in cornwall to see... one of which was first of all in, then out because it was sold, then in because it fell through, then out for another reason and now it is back again because the reason is fairly insignificant. That and three other possibles, one of which is overlooking a rugby ground.. sounds good to me.

Saturday I ventured into Beyondsville, a market town housing a mobile phone shop as mine had yet again gone for repair. The incompetents that took my phone returned it minus the battery and the shop was full of similarly disgruntled customers so I decided to visit an old favourite shop across the way.. I headed upstairs and just as I reached the top I was stung on the hand by a wasp.. the odd word crossed my lips and I tried to ignore the stabbing pain while the wasp ambled merrily on his way without a second thought. I didn't get what I went in for but in the end got something else, which on reflection I don't like... not a great visit and now because of the mobile I have to go back in when the battery has been returned, not likely to be for at least two weeks.

Saturday I bade farewell to the fish, which were leaving to go to other outside ponds.. I was particularly sorry to say goodbye to gutsy and his pod of goldies, he/she would always come and be fed, morning and evening and the house seems emptier without them all.

Yesterday was a mix of organising the packed boxes in the garage, tidying it up so I could put more stuff in and then mowing the grass. I admit by 4pm I was tuckered out and couldn't even begin to think of starting anything else in nearly 30 degrees of heat... but it was lovely weather.


The W.O.W. factor! said...

Oh Sage! I've missed out on so much of what's happening in your life!!!
You are selling and moving?
If you have a chance, email me a quick catch up...I am curious and wish I were able go visit and help you! I'm a pro at packing!! :) ....and moving, ya know....!
4 months...I'm guessing so much has transpired in your life!! I'm so sorry I was out of touch to share it with you!
I've thought of you often, and worried about you!
Glad you seem to be doing fine though (?).
Love you dear friend!

Hadriana's Treasures said...

You are off to Cornwall...how nice! We thought of living down there but, in the end, could not afford it.

I think that we are destined to stay here in Northumberland. Don't mind at all! Good luck with the move, the sale and everything!