08 July 2008

The mind plays tricks

Elaine wrote something on her blog this morning that triggered this memory..

Many years ago, when I had just moved into a flat in a local town in December 1984, I had taken a few days off work to do the move and on the Sunday night set the alarm clock to 7am as I had to be up and out by 7.30am to get to the bus stop for work by 8 and it was about a good 20 mins walk.

Well December is very dark, and the flat wasn't well lit from outside so when I heard the alarm go off I shot out of bed like a rocket.. ah the enthusiasm of youth for work; where does it all go I wonder...

Shivering in the cool air, as there was no central heating in the flat and not going to be needing the fire on for such a short time, I got dressed quickly before heading down to the bathroom for a wash and then breakfast in the kitchen adjoining. It was while I was tucking in to a bowl of porridge that I noticed the kitchen clock said 4.30am; at first it was with incredulity that I saw the time.. I had heard the alarm clock, I knew I had.. yet this one was stating it was 3 hours behind. Time to check the radio.

Needless to say my overactive mind was responsible for convincing me that I had heard the alarm clock going off and even went as far as thinking I had reset the alarm but when I checked it became quite clear that this was all part of the dream state and the stress of needing to be up on time and not oversleep.

So I did the sensible thing and got undressed and back to bed for a couple of extra hours; never had the same experience twice but it has tricked me on different things since then notably mobile phone ringing even though switched off. Still even now I can smile at the memory.. priceless.

ps - a good post methinks for my 100th...


Annette said...

I reported my car stolen and then remembered I had left it up Spar.
(the local shop)

dickiebo said...

Congratulations, m'dear. You certainly don't look 100!

Sage said...


why thank you m'dear I don't feel 100 either...lol

Janet said...

I've tricked myself like that before too. Although it was more fear of being fired than enthusiasm for work! I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.