02 July 2008

busy, busy, busy

Today is a conference on teaching and learning.. very interesting and keeping me from my desk and other important pieces of work.. but they can wait. I was in at 7.30am this morning trying to get a system of recording the sessions live, but after 2 hours we had to give up and just listen instead... slightly disappointing as it would have been the first real live use of the system and what better start could we have had.

So far we have covered, Personal development Portfolios, Gaming as Learning, What is the difference between a first and post-graduate degree and quality assurance vs quality enhancement.

More this afternoon ... on Internationalisation (not to be confused with cultural diversity - unlike the question which implied they were one and the same) a session on developing on-line support tools was interesting as it covered the concept of sharing (something which doesn't seem to work very well here at this particularly University as people like to protect their own work from being 'borrowed').

The gaming as learning is an interesting subject, particularly as many students are engaged in computer activities from an early age; but this was specific to project work and they (a team of 5) had 'bots to assist them in the process of manufacturing. This sounded fascinating and something I would like to experience particularly after the team building event of yesterday.

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Nicey said...

I could do with a 'bot' to assist me ;)