03 July 2008

a new acquisition

I brought a copy of Herbal Remedies - A practical beginner's guide to making effective remedies in the kitchen by Christopher Hedley and Non Shaw; this was from an on-line book company. I had seen it recommended on another blog I read (and when I remember which one I will give it credit I promise) and put it in my want to buy list.

It arrived yesterday, and I admit to scanning through it during a rivetingly dull presentation during the conference yesterday, and found quite a few things of interest, notably :

  • a recipe for ginger beer (which I know will interest Zeltus)
  • another recipe for calendular cream; it is far more satisfying to make it yourself rather than getting it from the chemist (and cheaper)
  • lots of ideas for the herb section in my garden in terms of potions, cooking and massage oils and old fashioned treatments such as vinegar and brown paper.

Will keep you advised as to how I get on with some of the above and I just need to collect a few ingredients before I can get going. Need some beeswax, anyone know of any sources?

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